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Glider Guard Mould Maker



Glider Guard dies are acknowledged leaders when it comes to precision and ... More
Glider Guard Die Maker



Glider Guard is on the vanguard of moulding technology; from all types of ... More
Glider Guard Automation Experts



Glider Guard has invested heavily in modern automation and state of the art ... More


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Glider Guard Tool & Die, Windsor, Ontario

We’re Hiring

Glider Guard has been a family-run business for over 30 years. Our specialty falls in a niche market, building decorative ...

Our Coronavirus Response

Glider Guard Tool & Die is committed to the welfare and well being of its employees, customers, vendors, visitors, and ...
Glider Guard, new website

New Website!

After a couple months of hard work, we are delighted to officially announce the launch of our new website at ...

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